Monday, August 12, 2013

Best to Worst 'Trek' Films According to Fans

Fans polled at (I think?) the country's biggest Trek con vote Kahn #1, Into Darkness #13, and Galaxy Quest #7...

Can't argue much with the top 7, though I'd shuffle them around just a bit. IGN's full coverage here.


  1. One cannot argue with the appeal of the effect involving the insect-like/scorpionesque creature crawling out of Ricardo Montalban's ear. That moment drew actual screams/visceral groans at our Newton, Iowa, movie theater back in the day....

  2. Clint, I remember being a kid in the theater with my parents when that happened. I was never so relieved as when we walked outside the theater and the sun was still there (Saturday matinee) . It was just a movie, but the image is engraved in my brain.

  3. I kind of have a similar memory from watching Picard's opening nightmare sequence from 'First Contact,' at the end of which a Borg drillbit-thingy makes contact with the lens of his wide-open eye. Still gives me chills.

    Could be a paper somewhere in this... 'Star Trek' and images of bodily torture?

  4. Into Darkness is worse than Final Frontier, Nemesis, and Insurrection? C'mon!